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Root canal Treatment

Would you like to save your natural tooth?

Then go for root canal!
With the new technology and advanced procedures root canal is just a one visit pain free and very much comfortable procedure It’s a magical treatment which saves our natural tooth gifted by nature.

When root canal treatment is required? (indication)

Severe / Unbearable tooth pain too much hot and cold sensitivity. Swelling, decay tooth, pain on chewing

White Crown Dentistry
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It’s a wisdom to remove your wisdom tooth at the right time!

Most of the time it’s been observed that, There is always an insufficient space in our mouth for wisdom tooth to erupt completely.
Most of the time it comes out in wrong direction or in half way or in improper alignment as compare to rest all teeth present in the oral cavity.
Because of inaccessibility for cleaning, recurrent food lodgement around wisdom teeth it tends to get infected soon. So it’s a wise decision to take it out ( extract ) the wisdom tooth when it starts troubling you.

Indications for wisdom teeth removal—

When there is continuous pain which triggers to head, swelling externally on face around that tooth
Food lodgement & irritation around the tooth

Treatment details-

Removal of wisdom tooth is a minor surgical procedure which can be done in one visit of 30-45 mins

White Crown Dentistry
Teeth Cleaning & Polishing

Make a routine habit of Getting all your teeth cleaned from your dentist once in a year.

Cleaning your teeth by a dentist is boon for your better Oral health.
There are many benefits of it for example it adds life to your teeth by removing interdental plaque which is made up of food particles & bacteria, which usually gets accumulated between gums & teeth.
If we don’t remove this plaque on time it gets calcified & turned into calculus which keeps irritating our gums which later on turn into swollen & bleeding gums.
So it’s highly recommended to get your teeth cleaned once in a year which is called a “Scaling” in dental terms .

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Crown, Caps & Bridges

Crown is a crown whether it’s on head or on tooth it always add value to what you have!

In dental treatments placement of crown ( Cap ) is required in many treatments.

1) It is highly recommended to put crown on root canal treated tooth to protect that tooth & to make that tooth more strong to chew food nicely.
2) When dental fillings can’t be placed or don’t sustain for long time we can fill that portion by crown.


When one or more teeth are missing in our oral cavity those teeth can be replaced by fixing a bridge on it.
Bridge is nothing but a combination or when 3 or more crowns are joined together to form one unit which replaces missing teeth. Bridge is formed on the base or support of adjacent teeth.

White Crown Dentistry
Dental Fillings

Fill it before you feel it, Fill the tooth before you feel more pain!

Getting dental fillings done is the simplest way to prevent your teeth from further procedures & future dental problems . When there is tooth decay on the tooth surface we can remove it & the portion of tooth which is lost in decay we can fill it with the tooth coloured material. Dental decay contains certain bacteria which keeps on destroying our tooth structure if we don’t remove them on time, teeth land up in more dental problems if the process of decay keeps going on. Tooth coloured dental fillings give back your original tooth like structure.

How will I get to know that My teeth require dental fillings?

Hot & cold sensation.
Pain or discomfort on having sweet food or sucrose diet.
Food lodgement specifically when decay is in between two adjacent teeth.

Treatment duration & number of visits required—

It's a single visit procedure, which is painless; it takes 15-20mis to fill one single tooth.

White Crown Dentistry
Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

Teeth whitening is a different procedure which is commonly mixed with teeth cleaning. Stains of tobacco, smoking, congenital stains on teeth, can be removed by teeth whitening procedure which is also called as a bleaching.

It removes all the layers of stains & makes them white.

Procedure of bleaching is harmless & painless.

Number of visits required—

It takes 1 -2 visits of 30mis — 45 mins depending on the conditions of teeth.