Orthodontic treatment / Braces, Clear Aligners

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Orthodontic treatment / Braces

Dental orthodontic treatment is the procedure where malaligned or crowded teeth are corrected by changing their alignment. In this treatment your natural teeth are saved & whatever changes are required are done in your original teeth only by changing their position. In this procedure braces are placed on teeth & teeth are slowly moved to the ideal position where it should be.
Braces / brackets are available in multiple types like metal / ceramic / transparent one.

Number of visits & duration of the treatment—

Multiple visits are required for orthodontic treatment depending on the case.
Duration of this treatment varies from 6 months to 12 months.

White Crown Dentistry
Clear Aligners

Clear aligners is a part of orthodontic treatment where teeth movement is done by using transparent trays.
Cases where the patient is not willing to put braces or giving regular visits to the dentist is not possible for patient clear aligners is the best solution for them.
Patient becomes a bit independent for the treatment & long distance treatment is easily possible in a clear aligner.

Duration of the treatment—

Entire procedure takes 6 months to 12 months depending on the condition of teeth.