White Crown Dentistry
Smile Correction

Do you know the Hidden power of smiling?

Do you know Confident smiles on your face can change your world?
Smiling frequently in a day makes you happy, stress free, it helps to balance hormones at normal level.

A smile on your face can accomplish many things in your daily work.

Want to change your smile & make it the best one with Veeners & Laminates?

Here we are White Crown Dentistry provides you absolutely painless smile makes over treatment which can be easily payable to your pockets. In the treatment smile design there are multiple treatment options available like having laminates & veneers on your teeth, correcting alignment of ur malaligned teeth.

Number of visits required—

The entire procedure takes 1 -2 visits of 45 mins & your face gets a new gift of Confident smile.
Corrected smile makes you feel more confident, it makes you smile and laughing more openly.